Introducing Playground

  • Are you a Salesforce developer or an administrator working on a development task?
  • Did you just spend writing a block of code again that you wrote a while ago?
  • Can’t recall where you last saw a similar solution that you’re implementing?
  • Have you hit a blocker while writing your code in apex or lightning?

Your best bet – google it! But can you always find what you’re looking for? Say even if you do, is it time consuming for you to clean it up and bring back to use?

If all you could think of was a YES, then look no further and get ready to play!

Welcome to the Playground

Playground is an intuitive, collaborative and easy-to-use cloud application to upload and share solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Playground is truly remarkable in making it super easy for developers to store their reusable code, to share it to the wider community and from having visitors search for an available solution to even letting them directly use it within their salesforce org with just a single click, oh yeah…that’s right – just one simple click. Now that’s called a power play!

We have an ever-increasing list of 72 amazing plays, fab five-some contributors and nearly 170 users with us already. Looking at the spectacular response, we are hopeful to be supporting the salesforce ecosystem even more.

Playground is built with an aim to “Reuse & Collaborate More”. With that in mind, here are top highlights of this app:

  • Designed specifically for Salesforce
  • Effective storage & organization of reusable assets at one place
  • Powerful search to find the right solution at the right time
  • Hassle free one-click deployments, straight into any Salesforce org
  • Insights to track the progress of any solution
  • Tracker to know how well a solution is accepted by the community

As echoed above, we wanted to build a one stop shop for all our fellow Salesforce users out there to store any reusable components and collaborate for a progressive future together.

Finally, it’s time to hit the playground and have some fun!