How Private Space is different?

As described in last section Why private space, It is your own dedicated version of Playground with your branding with more security and much more. All the benefits are listed below.


  1. As mentioned, you can set your own theme(colors, logo etc.) to easily mix with your other applications
  2. Private space works with your domain name and your work email which means nobody can login if they don't work within your company or not using work email to register/login into your private space. It make system secure from outside world.
  3. You can turn off SEO if you don't want your private space to be listed in searches.
  4. As we use Bitbucket as source control to store all solutions on cloud, you can use your source control (Github, Bitbucket) to handle it more properly.
  5. As a benefit of private space, you will get a shiny control panel as an admin to manage all settings. You can see all users in your organization who registered, change theme, configure your source control and much more