Play Actions

Play actions gives capability to maintain your plays by giving Edit, Clone & Publish/Unpublish buttons. All of them are explained below in detail:

  • Download gives extra ability to download the full play into your local for changes. It removes the restriction of deploying it first to Salesforce org
  • With Edit, User gets capability to change their plays by amending relevant information. Users can change title of their play or even add some notes in description section to make instrutions more meaningful for users. Apart from such informative changes, users can also amend/change their solutions on the fly like they can quickly change the names or information related to their specific project in files directly or they can make their solution workable for some API Version which can be easily deployed. It totally depends on use-case.
  • Edit Metadata will appear if play is created through Import With Salesforce method. This gives ability to add/remove/change components from the same org basically managing the upload directly from this screen
  • Publish/Unpublish buttons gives ability to user to put or remove plays into or out from search respectively. By default, Plays are created in Draft stage and Users should manually publish them to be available for others.
  1. Edit & Publish/Unpublish buttons are only visiblie if user is owner of the play so it respects ownership.
  2. File editor is only to do small changes on the fly. It is not an IDE(Integrated Development Environment).