Play approval

Once a contributor has validated the Play, the play would be submitted for Approval and that is where a moderator comes in action.

As a moderator, here are few checks you should perform:

  1. Play Details Ensure that the play has a crisp summary, is documented in detail and has images of UI(if applicable). Crisp summary makes the search easy. Details help understand the functionality and images help paint a more precise picture. All these factors are vital in identifying if the play is fit for the cause one is seeking and make the play reusable.

  2. Functional Validation Validate the play by deploying it and ensuring that its functional to ensure that it lives up to the details described to ensures quality.

  3. Tags Ensure that the play is tagged correctly as Tags are very important for search and categorization of plays.

  4. Hours Spent Ensure that hours spent field has a value from the contributor as its vital for reporting and assesment of the value created by the play and the platform as a whole.

If the plays fails to meet any of the above criteria, You can interact with the contributor via activity section and guide him to add the missing details.