While creating a play and making it available for public, its important to follow the steps to get quick results. The steps are mentioned below:

Prepare for the PlayCreator
Add MetadataCreatorAdding the play metadata. This can be done using VS-Code Extension, Git based repository, Salesforce or Salesforce Package
Add Description/Play TypeCreatorOnce metadata for the play has been added into Playground, it is important to add description. It helps the users who want to deploy, download and use the play. More details here
Add TagsCreatorTags help easily find the plays and improves searching. Its important to atleast add one tag to the play.
Validate the PlayCreatorOnce Play is ready after development, validate the play in any Salesforce org apart from the one where it was developed.
Submit the Play For ReviewCreatorSubmit the play for review after it has been validated successfully.
Approval by ModeratorModeratorThe moderator validates the details on the play and approves the play.
PublishModeratorThe approved plays can be published and made available for public use.